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Daily Panty Liners 3pk - Retro Flowers

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Pack of 3 Reusable Panty Liners.

A comfortable, soft, natural and reusable alternative to synthetic, disposable liners. We have improved the middle layers to make them slimmer and more wearable for daily use.

Made from 100% cotton with multiple layers: a printed cotton underside, a soft cotton flannel that is gentle against delicate skin and 3 layers of flannel in the middle.

Use on light days or as a back up for your menstrual cup or tampons. Also slim enough to wear daily to protect your pants from any other light leaks or discharge.

Simply place on your underwear (as you would with disposable liners) with the flannel/plain side facing up and fasten with snaps underneath your pants.

Size: 20cm in length.

Care Guidelines:

Wash before first use. Absorbancy will increase with washing.
Change every 4 hours or more often depending on your flow.
Machine wash @ 60°C.
As with all external menstrual products - disposable or reusable - remember to wear loose clothing to give you parts room to breathe!

To minimize stains, soak in cold water as soon as possible after use. Stubborn stains can be pre-treated when wet with your stain removal detergent of choice.

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