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Day Pad (1) - Sheep

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Reusable Cotton Mestrual Pad.

A comfortable, soft, natural and reusable alternative to synthetic, disposable pads.

Made from 100% cotton with five layers: a printed cotton underside, two layers of flannel, a layer of absorbent cotton toweling, and a soft cotton flannel topside that is gentle against delicate skin.

Simply place on your underwear (as you would with disposable liners) with the flannel/plain side facing up and fasten with snaps underneath your pants.

Size: 23cm long, centre strip 6cm wide.

Care Guidelines:

Wash before first use. Absorbancy will increase with washing.

To minimize stains, soak in cold water as soon as possible after use. Machine wash in a net bag. Stubborn stains can be pre-treated when wet with your stain removal detergent of choice.

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