Image of Reusable Kitchen Towels / Cloths (4 pack)

Reusable Kitchen Towels / Cloths (4 pack)


Washable Cotton Flannel Cloths

These cloths are a great alternative to kitchen roll, general purpose cleaning cloths, napkins, face cleansing cloths or DIY wet wipes! The fabric is prewashed to avoid shrinkage.

Size: approx 26cm x 26cm

Care Guidelines:

Machine wash at an environmentally friendly 30-40°C.
Treat stubborn stains before washing and at a higher temperature if desired (up to 90°C).

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To use as kitchen roll, roll them up to fit your kitchen roll holder - as they are made from a brushed cotton they naturally cling to one another when rolled up.

To use as wet wipes, mix together approx 200ml of water, 1tbs of castile soap and a few drops of your favourite essential oil in a container - add your cloths and allow to soak evenly!