Beeswax Wrap (1 x large)
Beeswax Wrap (1 x large)

Beeswax Wrap (1 x large)

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1 Large Beeswax Wrap

Approximately 31cm x 35 cm each.

Use in place of tinfoil and clingfilm.

Perfect for covering fruit, vegetables, cheese, baking, sandwiches, containers and bowls.

Beeswax is antibacterial, helping to keep your food fresh and healthy for longer.

Seal with the warmth of your hands.

Made from: 100% cotton fabric and natural beeswax.

Beeswax wraps don't last forever, but that's part of their appeal! Not only are they reusable but unlike cling film (which takes 5 years to biodegrade) and tin foil  (which never does) they can be re-waxed or composted at the end of their usable life, just cut them up and add to your compost. 


Care Guidelines:

To clean, rinse in cold water with a small amount of washing up liquid. Store out of direct sunlight.


[Not suitable for storing uncooked chicken/meat/fish].